Food Shoot

Food Shoot

Food Shoot By Satinder Madhok

The best and, the popular chef of the world say, the same thing over and, over again when it comes to food, can you make a guess what? The motive of any food, which is cooked is very simple, which is it should be good in taste, which can be enjoyed by anybody, whosoever is consuming it. Satinder Pal Singh Madhok says, the important thing is how the food is presented it very important. You relish the food, from your eyes first and, then from your taste buds.

When you see a picture, of something very delicious, you can feel your mouth watering imagining, the amazing taste of it, however you don’t actually consume it. This is the magic, which a right presentation of food and, its photography can do.

Food Photo-shoot By Satinder Pal Singh Madhok

When you are supposed to a food photo-shoot, there are certain things, which you can keep in mind, in order to click the most perfect pictures. First of all, you need have a right camera, which can help you create the right effects and, angles while clicking the pictures. Something which plays, a great role and, a deciding factor, whether the clicks are scrumptious looking or, not is the effect of sunlight.

Satinder Pal singh Madhok says, there are times when, direct sunlight over the plated food, can make them look, much better, whereas sometimes they can create dark impacts. It is your eyes, who need to make the decision, here regarding how to keep the food and, where to keep, so that you can just have the click you desire.

Second crucial aspect is the presentation of the food. You must have seen shows over television, where they make the simple dishes look amazing, with the touch of their creative presentation. This may include adding some eatable leaves, by the side or, decorating it with a colorful cream, while doing the plating.

These small things, can actually add a majestic look to your dishes. Then comes the role of the crockery and, plates you are using to keep your food.

Sometimes using transparent glass cutlery works out, the best whereas sometimes using earthen pots, gives a fantastic look.

Then comes the role of flash, while taking the pictures. A heavy flash can actually make your food, look very shiny and, the impact the natural texture of it. Therefore, flash must be used cautiously, when it comes to clicking pictures.

You also need to check the background, where you are taking the pictures. It may be that you are clicking pictures in a restaurant, with lights all over or, at some resort.

Mostly the effect of nice background will make your photos, look more grand some. It is completely up to you to decide, where you want to keep the plating and, click them.

Last but not the least, you can establish your own unique style, for clicking the pictures. Many food photographers, have their own style of capturing pictures in a way, that represents a uniqueness. At the end of the day, all you need is some really mouth watering clicks,

Which can make people fall in love, with the food they see. It is indeed a matter of art of photography, more than the food, as with the tincture of a great photography, even the normal everyday food, look kingly and, vice versa.