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Satinder Pal Singh Madhok

It is rightly said, that a picture is more than a thousand words. Therefore, an artist’s creation is invaluable. Satinder  Pal Singh  Madhok is a renowned and, prominent photographer in India. He carries passion for photography, for more than ten years, of his professional career.

He has been working as a photographer, since the last decade. He does all kinds and, genre of photography, like; fashion, celebrity, candid, portrait and, documentary. All his photographs are larger than life, beautiful and, artistic.

He has won many laurels in his field of work. He has successfully completed, several photography campaigns. His photographs come alive through his work.

Also, he keeps reinventing himself, to avoid monotony in his pictures. He has cultivated his talent over years of practice.

Weddingshoot By Satinder Madhok

As we all know wedding is most noteworthy, event of our lives, so, Mr. Satinder Pal Singh Madhok captures pre wedding and, post wedding shoots, as if he is connecting two souls together. His choice of background sets and, angles to glorify the beauty of event is incredible. He is an award winning photographer, for covering these events.

He has an impeccable eye, to observe and, turn even ordinary moments, into extraordinary pictures. He captures well, composes well and, uses refined textures and, colors to bring life to his pictures.arshadeep singh madhok

Above all, even the minutest details of any architectural muses, monuments or a landscape cannot go without notice in his pictures. His monochromes and, colorful display of pictures is mesmerizing and, breathtaking.

Certainly, Modeling is a very challenging career. New faces have to struggle a lot in finding their first few gigs to start with. Your portfolio is your resume.

He just gives wings to their dreams because he can create amazing portfolios for aspiring models. You don’t have to worry about designer clothes or, hair-dos or locations; everything is taken care of.

If you wish to market your product, he can create stunning visualizations of your product, with 360 degrees rotation for your potential customers. Also, he has a good eye that can capture every perspective angle of the object to be sold. He uses various photographic techniques, to capture relevant subjects of commercial quality.

Even requests related to scientific photography to capture any phenomenon or, event is also taken care of. And dealt with utmost precision. In addition, he uses amalgamation of digital and, traditional cameras with latest image processing software’s to create high resolution pictures.

Satinder Singh Madhok is also an expert in Concert photography, also as he captures the candid images of artist, his/her band with crowd. Whole atmosphere created at the concert is captured exceptionally. These pictures are ready to be uploaded for any YouTube channel or, PowerPoint presentation.

To conclude, he is a brilliant and, notable photographer, who uses his skills to create an everlasting impression, on you with his work. You can contact him by phone or, mail. Please have a look at his contact details. Some of his work is also being displayed here. Let’s convert a concept/event or an idea into Memories.