Which Is Your Favourite Destination For Pre Wedding Shoot By Satinder Singh Madhok

Which Is Your Favourite Destination For Pre Wedding Shoot By Satinder Singh Madhok

According to Satinder Madhok Pre wedding photoshoot is in a lot of trend now a days. Every couple feels the urge to have a really great photoshoot before their marriage. This is no doubt a really great way of saving beautiful memories in your life which you can turn and see later. As it is said that we should always be ready to steal the moments of joy and happiness from life whenever we get an opportunity, we must not miss our chances.

A wedding photoshoot is also a same thing of not missing the chance of creating something really adorable to look forward for the rest of your life says Satinder Pal Singh Madhok. Now the most important decision to be taken here is to decide the location where you want to click yourself. This is a real tough decision as there are so many places which will come and bother your mind. To help you with there is one place which fits just perfect for a pre wedding photoshoot and it is none other than our own Delhi.

What is so great about this place must be the question running in your mind. Well, to help you a little there, you should know that Delhi is an exotic place which as everything from historical monuments to beautiful gardens and modern places as well.

To start with the first and the foremost place in Delhi for a nice photoshoot would be Lodhi Gardens. This place speaks of the monuments of the 15th century. There is the beauty of the natural greenery and the architectural masterpieces will just win your heart making it a perfect venue to take some amazing shots.

The next great place in Delhi to navigate would be the Hauz Khas village located in the south of Delhi. There are a number of retro bars, clubs and pubs where you can put forward your ideas to take some good pictures. Apart from that this is the area connecting to beautiful lakes and dear park. Where as well you can click some great pictures with your beloved partner.

The next place in the list is the Humayun’s tomb. Another architectural masterpiece located in the Mathura road marks a great location for the couples for a pre wedding shoot. Then comes the most amazing and popular location of Delhi,

none other than the Cannaught place forming the heart of Delhi. Satinder Singh Madhok says that there are numerous romantic venues where any couple can spend an awesome time together and click themselves in the frame.

When we talk of Delhi, we cannot forget to mention the India Gate. There is not much required to talk about the authenticity. And beauty which this place showcases as a part of our great and rich Indian history. You can have a great time clicking pictures at such an honourable location with your partner.

Then comes the perfect location which goes by its name. You can click some beautiful pictures here itself. Apart from, all these listed places, there are many other small places and, gardens in Delhi. Which portrays its amazing views and culture. No hesitation, you can surely opt for Delhi as the best destination for your pre wedding photoshoot.

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