10 Wedding Details That Must Be Captured In A Wedding Album By Satinder Pal Singh Madhok

10 Wedding Details That Must Be Captured In A Wedding Album!

A wedding ceremony is like a great festival in our Indian culture. They are blessed, with so many rituals and, cultures, which are worth experiencing. Satinder Singh Madhok says, Every ritual has its own beauty and aroma which depicts the specialty of marriages. Be it the mehndi ceremony or the haldi ceremony, everything just together make the environment too festive and adorable. Well, one of the most important things which are like a compulsory deal in any wedding ceremony is capturing a huge number of photographs. Any wedding ceremony is just incomplete without clicking enough pictures. The wedding album is not a mere collection of photos but a collection of amazing moments and memories which everyone wishes to save.

Even though we click so many pictures, Satinder Pal Singh Madhok says, we kind of always miss a lot of things and we do not even realize. Isn’t this surprising? You must be thinking, no, we of course capture everything but here is the case.

The photographers definitely take the obvious pictures of the bride and bridegroom including their family members but still there is a lot of other things which must be captured to make the wedding album a real perfection.

Satinder Pal Singh Madhok Wedding Details Captured In A Wedding Album

First of all, Satinder Pal Singh Madhok says, the decors are a must to be in the pictures. Any wedding have its own style of decorations done with flowers, lights, candles and what not. There is a huge expenditure done on the wedding stage and the entrance and they just give a fantastic appearance. However, the photographers kind of forget giving emphasis on this side.

Then come the small things like the beautiful arti thali. Or the puja thali, which is decorated on different rituals. A close up of these is just a must thing to be there in the album. We do capture pictures of the mehndi ceremony for sure but clicking close ups are necessary and not just of the bride but the entire female folk who just love putting mehndi on their hands along with the bride.

Same goes for the haldi function as well. A few close ups and a few pictures of naughtiness just adds shine to the wedding album. Then comes the most precious things of decors which are the pearls and jewels of the bride. A bride on her wedding looks the most gorgeous and stunning with her enchanting wedding dress and jewellery. A picture of all the ornaments and the bridal dress is a must.

Well something most fascinating thing in any wedding ceremony is the food and cuisines. There are variety of great recipes. Which are not most give focus in the album. But imagine a few pages in your album containing these lovely pictures of dishes. Won’t it be fun watching it after years later when you have moved on a lot in life? Marriage is a beautiful memory to keep and enjoy.

Pictures are the only way to keep such beautiful memories intact in our heart. Some of the unique pictures which you can capture is of the chooda and kaleera which adorns the bride.

They are like the auspicious wearing and contain their own importance and significance. Then you must include the pictures of the wedding cards and the wedding rings as they have their own essence.

All you need to realise is that every small piece of beauty matters in the long run. If you have such a great opportunity to create memories for you, you should never stop yourself and try to collect as many collections as possible.

And a wedding ceremony is just a great time to do it and you got to do it only ones. So include everything and just have your perfect wedding album ready.

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